Claudio Menna | THE WORLD IS BLIND

The task of borders is to divide.

There’re so much kinds of borders, some natural others artificial. 
Second ones built by men not always are identifiable in something of physical and architectural.
There’s some borders built by preconception or  nescience of the society who made another world lived by people you can see, but they can’t see you.
There’s a border between the world of lights and the world of shadows.
The leading actors of this story are teenagers which life is always in balance at the limit between these two worlds: a thin imaginary line separates two different existences.
Huge architectural and mental hedges are placed on their path almost as to make it harder and complicated; inside this tangle of troubles, lights, shadows, judgments  and prejudices grow every kinds of lives, connected by a single denominator: visual impairment.
At my first question to them:” How could you live everyday in this way?” 
They  told me: “The World is blind, not us”.

(Text and photos by an almost blind photographer).

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