Florian Müller | SESSIONS

Sexual niches seem to become more presentable and even though contemporary sexologists break the habits of their traditional values and heritage, fetishes and sexual roleplay are still to be considered abnormal or perverted. The prevailing perspective on this topic is predominantly shaped by physical violence, rubber and leather. The true bandwidth of fetishes is unequally wider and varies from human horses and masochists, latex-brides and human puppies to slaves and real-life-rubberdolls.
Due to the lacking acceptance, many fetishist still feel forced to supress their needs, what often places themselves into social isolation. On the other hand, the pornification or sexualization of society changes the perception of privacy and intimacy as well as sexuality itself. The capacity and availability of the internet simplyfies the exchange of people who share the same sexual prefer- ences or paraphilia. Thus, many fetishists gain a new self-conception and dare to live their sexual- ity freely.
»Sessions – The Candy Crush Project« immerses into a parallel world that is as fascinating as frightening, as disquieting as light-hearted and besides that often dreadfully harmless. The unifying element in the lives of those I photographed is the desire to satisfy basic human needs such as closeness, warmth, security or confidence, sometimes fulfillment or even satisfaction.


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