Emanuela Mitraglia, 60, is a medium since she was very young. She cannot conceive a different life.
"At the beginning it was difficult, mostly because I was scared and misunderstood. People were used to call me ‘little witch’. But it doens’t matter. This give my life more deepness.Once I went out of a supermarket and I saw this little boy. He was sat down on a dirty Motoretta bike. I remember I thought it was a strange situation, because this boy was alone, without parents, in an underground parking. Later I had this feeling of very bad anxiety, so I told my husband to go to the car and then I went look at this boy. I spent some time speaking with him and then he disappears. For me it’s true, it’s real. Even their pain. The body is the instrument of pain. The soul possesses the faculty of perceiving the pain thus caused; the perception of pain is, therefore, the effect of this action of the soul. The remembrance of pain retained by a spirit may be very painful.My life stirs also according to these rhythms dictated by them.Sometimes I felt like I was astride a wall and I was living four feet from the ground. I have joy from my life. I don’t care about what people think, I don’t care that they could understand. But when the request comes to me, I go back and forth from one side to the other. We all are upon two world and those echoes I can hear are the reason of my happiness.Can you imagine my life?”

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