Consonno, Lecco, Italy.
An Italian entrepreneur, Count Mario Bagno, bought up all the land in the tiny northern Italian town of Consonno, kicking out residents and razing their homes. In its place he hoped to build a "city of toys" for both Milan's elite and the city's many tourists, which sits about an hour away.
For this reason Consonno was called “Las Vegas of Brianza”. In 1976, a few years into construction, a landslide wiped out the only road into town as well as Bagno's wacky dream. In later years, the aging Bagno tried to revive the town as a retirement community, but when he passed away in the mid-1990s, his estate let the area dwindle.
In some winter nights, legends say that appears the silhouette of a man accompanied by the sound of dogs. It’s the ghost of Count Bagno, dead owner of the park.

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