fu|ture kids [ˈfjuːtʃɐ kɪdz]:

1. expression of hope

2. positive vision of a mulitilingual, multiethnic generation

We live in a world, in which national identities are not easily distinguishable. Where people move from one place to another. At the same time nationalism is on the raise again and more people than ever are on the flight. What happens after one generation, when people settle in a new country, in a new culture? An exploration of the lives and identity of four young individuals through essayistic portraits, photographed from summer 2016 to summer 2017 in Berlin. Leila, Ilhan, Mohammed and Coco grant the viewer a look into their lives, set between 60’s tower blocks in Neukölln, historic buildings in Kreuzberg and sport grounds in Moabit. A search for answers to their identity, being children of muslim immigrants from Jordan, Turkey and Palestine. Four stories that each have their own way of dealing with the past and the future, with places of (imagined) existence, with what defines home and with growing-up. The book accompanying the photographic project consists of photos and texts, written by the protagonists and pictures from their archives.

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