Alexander Anufriev | TERM

In March 2018 Russia elected Putin again. It will be fourth presidential term for Vladimir Putin who has been in power in Russia since 2000. Nowadays 88% of the national wealth in Russia belongs to 0.1% of the population: oligarchs and top officials. Since the annexation of Crimea prices in stores went up twice and salaries have fallen by 19.2%. Crowds of people are poor. Russians found themselves in a situation of tremendous corruption and impunity for those who have power. And it seems that inequality and injustice became the basis of the system in Russia. This situation increases protest of active part of the citizens. When in the 1990s Russia throw down the totalitarian communist regime, it seemed that nothing could prevent it from becoming a part of the civilized world. Supported by the high price of oil, the economic growth of the early 2000s only reinforced this confidence. Russia has chosen freedom and democracy. Then no one could have foreseen that the country would return to one-party political system and live under control of a permanent leader again.

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