"I don't like the fact that Sweden takes in refugees at all. I think we should close our borders entirely and start deporting people. In that regard I mainly sympathize with the more extreme groups.
Sverigedemokraterna more or less just want to limit the migrations, and I don't think that's enough. We have to do more, as the problem is already here. They want to slow the problem down, I want to solve it entirely.
I believe you should stick with your own people. There's clearly major differences between races.

Development-wise, intelligence-wise and physically there are major differences, and therefore I think that they should stay separated. All races should be here, but I don't believe they should be mixed.
When you are an open country and take in a lot of refugees, it's at the cost of something else. My girlfriend works with the care of the elderly, where they are cutting costs. They are cutting costs on the schools, they are cutting costs everywhere to finance this. We are borrowing money and the national debt is increasing, so the mass migrations can be financed. It's completely absurd.
I think that it's the swedish people that lit up the asylum centres Ð And I understand them. They have taken matters into their own hands, which I would do myself, if it wasn't for my son. I wouldn't risk going to jail and be apart from him." - Robert Nilsson, 32 years old. Former member of Nationalsocialistisk Front, Svenskarnas Parti and Nordiska MotstŒndsršrelsen. The tattoo on his arm depicts the German nazi and doctor Josef Mengele.

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